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Is Rahu the cause of marriage problems? What is Rahu Dosha?

We have heard Mangal Dosha as the main cause of obstacles in marriage, but another planet is also responsible for the obstruction in marriage. On the name of the planet which brings obstructions in marriage, such dosha is called Rahu dosha in astrology. Rahu dosha may create great effects on the auspiciousness of the horoscope. If Rahu is bad in the horoscope then its effect is known as Rahu Dosha. The effect arising from Rahu can deeply affect the happiness of marriage in the life of the native. Rahu may create big problems in married life and badly affects the marital bliss in a person’s life. Rahu may make the native wait for a longer time to get married. Sometimes, the Rahu dosha is so strong that the marriage of the person does not take place. Sometimes Rahu gives love relations but those relations don’t get the status of a marriage. Whichever house Rahu casts its shadow on; it affects or weakens the significance of that house. Rahu delays marriage to such an extent that the native fails to derive any happiness through marital relations. It creates bondages that the native fails to break.

Rahu Ketu Effects On Marriage

The transit of Rahu in your zodiac sign gives tough times in marriage. It gives issues like dishonesty, miscommunication, and more in married life. If you are planning to get married then you can face severe trouble and delay in marriage

late marriage causes and effects

Poverty, unemployment, dowry, the tradition of extravagant weddings, roadblocks to higher education, and wait for government jobs are some of the key reasons for the disturbing late marriage trend.

1. In astrology, Saturn is known to bring delay and slowness to related matters. So, its presence or association with the seventh house may become one of the major reasons for the delay in marriage.
2. Apart from this, if the seventh lord or the karaka of marriage i.e. Jupiter and Venus are placed in afflictions in any house in the natal chart, it becomes a reason for the delay in marriage/problems in marriage.
3. Influence of malefic planets like Mars, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu also brings negative results to married life.
4. Weakness of ascendant and seventh lord may also cause delay in marriage.
5. Sometimes, even if everything is good, the native is not getting supportive of Dasha for getting married.
6. the Seventh house may be fine, but some strong spiritual yoga may cause a delay in marriage which wants the native to follow a spiritual path in life.

Can an astrologer help if marriage is delayed

Yes, sri guru astrologer can help if the marriage is delayed. All the above are technical astrological reasons to cause a delay in marriage. You surely need a good marriage astrologer to identify such reasons leading to late marriages. Now I will try to explain some simple do’s and don’ts to overcome delays in marriage

Do’s and Don’ts to avoid delay in marriage

You will read many universally suggested remedies to avoid delay in marriage. As explained above, each individual’s social, economic, family, and surrounding circumstances are different. So there cannot be some common dos and don’ts to avoid delay in marriage. Still, I can give some simple do’s to avoid marriage delays.

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