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Do you have questions about Astrology? Here you will find all the answers and more.

What types of consultations can I expect from the Sri Guru Astrologer in Bangalore?

Sri Guru Raghavendra Shastri provides consultation to their clients based upon their issues as well as the form of the astrology they are comfortable with. There are different kinds of consultation for which people seek advice such as education, family, career, wealth & property, business, love & marriage, and many more. You can take the advice from the famous astrology and improve your life through astrological solutions.

Why do I need astrology predictions?

Sometimes, individuals doubt their minds, and they do not know the right path. In that case, an experienced astrologer can provide a solution and show you the right pathway toward a bright future. Sri Guru Astrologer studies the horoscope and provides predictions of future events. Therefore, it becomes easy for individuals to decide which line is suitable for them. For example, a student might seek the advice of an astrologist to know which path is the best for his educational career.

Which are essential things I need to consider before hiring astrological services?

To get the right consultation, it is essential to find a genuine and knowledgeable astrologer. An experienced astrologer can help you in getting the correct prediction for your bright future. If you wish to consult an astrologist for astrology online, do not forget to pay attention to the following factors.

  • Relevant experience of the astrologer
  • Consultation charges of the astrologer
  • Reviews as well as ratings of the previous clients
  • Consultation time for each client
  • Types of services offered by the astrologer
  • Kind of astrology forms practiced by astrologer

How much do sri guru astrologer in Bangalore charge for the marriage prediction astrology?

The consultation charges vary from one astrologist to another. Moreover, the fee for marriage prediction astrology depends on the experience, reputation, as well as location of the astrologer.

Does astrology always have correct predictions?

No, astrology does not provide a definitive answer to your questions but a little outlook to help guide you through the right path which can differ depending on the current situation.

Do sri guru astrologer in Bangalore provide other services?

Yes, certain guruji also provide, palmistry, face reading and Vaastu services for people interested.

Can I get answers to specific questions?

Yes, astrologers in Bangalore can provide you with a more detailed reading as long as the question asked is contained to one topic.

Do sri guru raghavendra shastri provide their service online?

Only chart reading can be done online, any other service such as palmistry and face reading require the astrologer’s physical presence.

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