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Dosha Parihara | Types Of Doshas In Astrology

Dosha remedies, also known as “Pariharam” in Vedic astrology, are actions or practices aimed at mitigating the negative effects of planetary placements in a person’s birth chart (horoscope). These remedies are often prescribed based on the specific doshas (flaws or imbalances) identified in an individual’s astrological chart. Here are some common dosha remedies:

  1. Gemstone Therapy: Wearing certain gemstones associated with specific planets can help alleviate their negative influences. For example, wearing a ruby for Sun-related issues, a blue sapphire for Saturn-related issues, etc.
  2. Mantra Chanting: Reciting specific mantras associated with planets can pacify their negative influences. Each planet has its corresponding mantra, such as “Om Namah Shivaya” for Saturn and “Om Suryaya Namaha” for Sun.
  3. Charity and Donation: Making donations to charities or offering food to the needy on specific days associated with problematic planets can help reduce their malefic effects.
  4. Yantra Worship: Using yantras (geometric diagrams) associated with specific planets for meditation and worship can help balance their energies.
  5. Fasting: Observing fasts on certain days of the week dedicated to specific planets can help mitigate their adverse effects.
  6. Worship and Rituals: Performing rituals and worship ceremonies, such as puja (prayer rituals) and homa (fire rituals), dedicated to the ruling deity of the problematic planet can help appease it.
  7. Vedic Remedies: Consulting with Vedic astrologers who may prescribe specific rituals, prayers, or remedies based on an individual’s horoscope to pacify malefic influences.
  8. Yoga and Meditation: Engaging in yoga and meditation practices, especially those that focus on balancing the chakras and harmonizing the energies within the body, can help mitigate doshas.
  9. Astrological Remedies: Apart from generic remedies, specific astrological remedies like wearing specific colors, using specific herbs, or performing rituals during auspicious timings may also be prescribed based on the individual’s chart.

It’s important to note that while these remedies are believed to have beneficial effects, their efficacy may vary from person to person, and they are often practiced alongside other holistic approaches to well-being. Consulting with an experienced astrologer or spiritual practitioner is recommended for personalized guidance and advice regarding dosha remedies.

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